How To Clean Suede Couch


The soft texture and luxurious appearance of suede couches make them popular, but cleaning them can be difficult. Maintaining beauty and preventing damage to suede is challenging. These cleaning suede furniture tips show how to keep your suede couch looking new. You can use many things to clean a suede couch, from vacuuming to brushing. However, some of the useful tips are given below!

5 Steps To Clean Suede Couch

Do you know? Many brands use Suede material for their garments, such as jackets. However, due to the disadvantages of this material, it has become very difficult to clean suede material-made garments. Still, if we talk about how to clean suede furniture, here you have 5 reasonable steps! 

  • Start by vacuuming the couch.

Cleaning a suede couch starts with removing loose dirt, dust, and debris. You should pay extra attention to the crevices and corners of the couch when vacuuming it with a soft-bristled attachment. A regular vacuum cleaner with a beater brush can damage delicate suede fibers.

  • The second step is to treat stains.

Treating any stains on the suede couch as soon as possible is important. Mud and dirt can be removed with a suede brush. Blot wet stains with a clean, dry cloth to absorb as much moisture as possible. Suede fibers may be damaged if you rub the stain.

Use a spray bottle filled with water and white vinegar to remove stubborn stains. Let the stain sit for a few minutes after you spray the solution on it. Allow the area to air dry after blotting with a clean, damp cloth.

  • The third step is to clean your couch completely.

You should now clean the entire suede couch after you have treated any stains. Clean suede upholstery using a suede cleaner specially designed for this material. Use a clean, dry cloth to apply the cleaner to the suede surface. The suede can be stained by water if the cleaner is saturated.

Once the couch has been cleaned, let it air dry. If you want to dry suede, avoid using a hairdryer or a heat source.

  • The fourth step is to brush the suede.

Using a suede brush, you can restore the nap of the suede couch after it has dried. Strokes should be gentle when brushing suede.

  • The fifth step is to protect the suede.

Cleaning suede couch is difficult; however, once you are done cleaning, it should be protected with a suede protector spray to prevent future stains and damage. Make sure the suede surface is completely dry before applying the protector.

Recommendation Time Of Cleaning Suede Couch

Depending on how often the couch is used and how do you clean a suede couch (such as with a solution or a brush). Also, the recommended time depends on how much dirt and stains it is exposed to, whereas suede couches need to be cleaned regularly. Keep your suede couch in good condition by cleaning it at least once every six months. You may need to frequently clean the couch in an area with pets or children.

How To Clean a Suede Couch Weekly? 

It’s a good idea to clean your suede couch every week to keep it clean and looking new. 

  • Keep away any pillows and cushions from Suede material aside before starting cleaning. 
  • Ensure you have plenty of room around the couch to move around and access all sides.
  • A soft-bristled vacuum attachment is recommended if you find tough crumbs like dust or debris. 
  • Avoid one-sided wear by rotating the less worn sides, reducing the need to replace the cushion cover and avoiding additional expense.
  • Ensure the suede-covered cushions are cleaned at least once a week to keep them clean. Dirt can cause them to lose their luster, become stained, and even be damaged.


Note: If your cushions have suede covers, use a brush or damp towel cloth to clean them.

A suede couch should be protected and cleaned regularly to keep it in good shape. For years to come, enjoy the soft texture and luxurious appearance of your suede couch by cleaning and protecting it.

How To Clean Suede Couch Monthly

If you are busy with your daily schedules, you can choose to clean your suede couches monthly. 

  • Generally, suede furniture not regularly exposed to dirt or pets should be cleaned every month. 
  • Suede can be cleaned according to the steps listed in the weekly cleaning guide.
  • To maintain the quality and shine of suede, vacuum cleaners, and liquid cleaner sprays are very helpful.
  • Suede furniture can become stained if it is not cleaned properly, is exposed to moisture and liquids, is frequently used by people and pets, or needs to be cleaned properly. 
  • A suede brush or cloth should be used if a stain is detected. Scrubbing and dusting can also be done.
  • Stains can be removed using natural products, such as alcohol or vinegar, in recommended doses. 
  • Combining suede spray with brushes and suede cloth is the most effective method of cleaning suede.

How To Clean Suede Sofa – What Products Are Recommended? 

To avoid damaging suede fibers, cleaning a suede sofa with special care is important. Suede sofas can be cleaned with the following products:

  1. Suede Cleaner: Suede cleaners can remove strain, dirt, and other debris without damaging the fabric. You should use a furniture-safe suede cleaner.
  2. Suede Brush: Cleaning suede sofas requires the use of a suede brush. As a result, the nap will be restored, and dirt and debris stuck in the fabric will be removed.
  3. Suede protector spray: A suede protector spray can protect the suede from future stains and damage. In the long run, it makes suede easier to clean and maintain because it creates a barrier on its surface.
  4. Microfiber cloths: Since they are soft and gentle, Suede can be cleaned with microfiber cloths without leaving behind lint or fibers.
  5. White vinegar: Stains and odors can be removed from suede using a natural cleaning solution. The suede sofa can be spot cleaned with white vinegar and water.

You should read the labels on products you use to clean your suede sofa before using them. Cleaners that are harsh on suede fibers should be avoided. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use gentle products designed specifically for suede.


Ultimately, the best way to clean suede couch is with special care and attention when it comes to cleaning. These steps can help you maintain the look of your suede couch for years to come. The couch should be vacuumed regularly, stains should be treated promptly, and the entire couch should be cleaned with a suede cleaner. To prevent future staining and damage, spray a suede protector spray on the suede.

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