Brooklyn Bedding Introduces New Budget Friendly Mattress

brooklyn bedding mattress

As one of the most reputable mattress manufacturers in the world, Brooklyn Bedding is pleased to introduce its new budget-friendly price line entry, the Brooklyn Essential. The new hybrid design suits every body type and offers exceptional comfort and support for all budgets; its starting price is $532. 

The Brooklyn Essential hybrid mattress is made with 8-inch AscensionX® coils from premium steel. These coils allow flexibility so that you can move independently. With high-density foams & lightweight fabrics, this hybrid mattress offers extreme comfort and support to the back. 

According to a news release, the new entry in the Brooklyn bedding mattress is made with individually wrapped coils to provide support & comfort while ensuring motion isolation. The Brooklyn Essential hybrid mattress is also equipped with a pairing of high-density foams & premium individually wrapped coils to ensure great comfort throughout the night. 

The mattress is designed to be breathable with its 1.5″ high-quality & high-density quilted comfort layer for long-lasting comfort. Brooklyn Bedding introduces its new release, a low-budget price line mattress, which is perfect for all types of sleepers, ensuring optimal support and comfort.

Mr. John Merwin, the CEO of the Arizona-based company in Phoenix, said, “The Brooklyn Essential provides a budget-friendly hybrid mattress with top-tier comfort at an affordable price.” He also added: “Our process of manufacturing and our in-house bedding materials’ vertical combination makes it possible for us to build quality mattresses at affordable prices.” 

There is more to the Brooklyn Essential than just classic comfort. It is a handcrafted design made in the United States of America, which has been sold online through the company’s website: 

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